It is back and it could cause you a major headache when it comes to your credit score and finances.

The "Say Yes" phone scam is back in Western New York. Twice yesterday I received a call from a 716 number and when I answered, the person on the other line kept asking if I could hear them after I said Hello.

I didn't respond because I assumed it was a scam call since the number wasn't saved in my phone's contacts.

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The "Say Yes" scam is one of the more dangerous scams that you can be a victim of. The scammer is trying to record you saying yes, and in turn, they can use that recording to answer "Yes" to automated questions from banks and other financial institutions.

They can open up new accounts, get a new credit card, and if they have your banking information, they can try to transfer money from your account to one of theirs.

With the recording, it sounds like you are saying yes to the transactions.

Officials say the best thing to say if you pick up the phone call is some other than "Yes". Something like "Sure Can" or "No problem on my end". That way the scammer doesn't have a recording of you saying yes.

Of course, the best way to avoid being scammed is to not even pick up the phone. If it is a call from a number that you don't know, let it go to voice mail or look up the number online and see if it has been flagged for being a scam phone number.

I messed up and picked up the call, but I never said yes at least they didn't get a recording of my voice. After the call, I blocked the number on my phone.


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