It looks like the amazing weather we have had here in New York has crept North of the border and led to a historic moment in Toronto.

The Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball tweeted out that something happened this week that has never before happened this early in the baseball season.

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The Blue Jays were able to play with the Rogers Centre dome open for a home game.


The Toronto Blue Jays are the parent club of the AAA Buffalo Bisons and even played some of their home games here in Buffalo during the COVID-19 pandemic since Canada wasn't allowing travel across the border.

Rogers Centre, or if you are old like me and still call it the Skydome, is a unique stadium where they can freely open and close the dome based on the weather.

The view is amazing when the dome is open and you get an incredible view of the CN Tower, a major landmark in the Toronto area.


The Blue Jays have played in Rogers Centre since 1989 when the stadium opened in June of that year. The stadium can hold just over 49,000 fans. Overall their all-time record with the roof open is 768-570.

The Blue Jays are at home through this Sunday as they host the Detriot Tigers and Tampa bay Rays.

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