It has been a very below-average winter for snowfall across New York State.

Most places have gotten well under a foot of the normal average for snowfall, and in Rochester, it could lead to a new winter record.

Rochester has been below average for snowfall for several years and if the trend of this winter continues they could end up setting a new "lack of snow" record for the city.

This winter could be the sixth straight winter that Rochester would get under 100 inches of snow which would be the longest streak of "lack of snow" since the 1950s.

It is just not Rochester. Most cities like Buffalo, Syracuse, and Binghamton are all well below average for snowfall this Winter. Most people blame the EL Nino that is sweeping across from the West and keeping temperatures warmer and drier than in years past.
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Almost all of the major snow cities in New York State are a foot or more under the normal average. Syracuse is almost three feet below the average, while in Buffalo it is close to a foot and a half. It also looks like it won't be much better for snow lovers. A major heatwave is set to sweep across the state next week.

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