A restaurant in New York State has become the first restaurant in the entire country to use robots as their wait staff.

Wind Japanese and Thai Restaurant in Williamsville, New York is employing robot waiters that will take your order, deliver your food, and even sing Happy Birthday to you.

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The robot waiters are equipped with cameras that help guide them through the restaurant and interact with the customers. The robot has several different modes and can be used for interaction and delivery.

The robots also come equipped with sensors that detect motions or people walking around it so it can maneuver to make sure not to run into anything or anyone.

The robots were created by a company called Bellabot and have been used around the world.

The average cost of a BellaBot machine is around $15,000 and every new robot comes with a charger, battery, and a one-year warranty.

The current robot waiters at Wind Japanese and Thai Restaurant work in conjunction with human staff. A hostess will seat you and you place your order using an iPad. The robot waiter will deliver your food and take any additional orders.

For clean up, that needs to be done by a human. Customers can't place dirty dishes on the robot waiter's trays since they are only used to deliver food.

If you want to see the robot waiters in person for yourself, Wind Japanese and Thai Restaurant is open every day from 11:30 until 10 pm.

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