For the last couple of years, Robert Downey Jr. has said that there are no plans for a fourth Iron Man movie — and he hasn’t appeared to be interested in making another one, to be honest. It’s a fact seemingly supported by his Marvel contract, which does not include another solo outing beyond Iron Man 3. When (and if) Marvel re-ups the actor’s contract, that could very well be subject to change, when (and if) Downey Jr. is open to it. That time appears to be now.

The cast of Captain America: Civil War appeared in a Nightline special (via to promote Marvel’s latest film, and when the subject turned to the possibility of Iron Man 4, Downey Jr.’s reply was simple, but kind of surprising:

I feel like I could do one more.

The actor’s current contract with Marvel extends through the two-part Avengers: Infinity War, and he recently signed on to make an appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Maybe the addition of Tom Holland as the young Peter Parker in Civil War renewed Downey Jr.’s excitement. Ah, youth.

Should Marvel give it the green light, it would probably be quite some time before we see Iron Man 4. But with Inhumans officially removed from the schedule, there is an opening in Phase 3. Could they put a new Iron Man movie together by 2019? Sure. But between Infinity War and a new Sherlock Holmes sequel, will Robert Downey Jr. have the time — or the energy — to devote to another Iron Man solo film?

Besides, Iron Man 4 in Phase 4 just seems more appropriate.

In the meantime, you can see Iron Man back on the big screen when Civil War arrives on May 6.

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