Some changes are coming to Western New York schools when it comes to security on the heels of the mass school shootings that happened in Texas.

The school shooting at Robb Elementary School left 19 children, 2 adults, and the gunmen dead. In wake of those shooting, two area school districts are changing their school security procedures.

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In Niagara Falls, according to a post on Facebook from school board member Paul Kudela, anyone that wants to enter any school in the Niagara Falls school district will need prior approval. This new rule includes parents, guardians, siblings, vendors, and other non-employees.

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

There would also be more of a police presence at Niagara Falls school as well for the foreseeable future.

In Amherst, superintendent Anthony Panella sent a letter home addressing the school district's safety and counseling procedures. Panella also shared in the letter that there would be additional police officers around the Amherst school buildings.

"Our district continues to focus on maximizing our comprehensive safety planning and monitoring building safety protocols so that the students, faculty, and staff in all of our schools are as safe as possible at all times,"


Buffalo Public Schools also issued this Tweet about the changes to their schools.


The mass school shooting in Texas is the 2nd largest school shooting in US history. Police continue to investigate what caused the gunman to enter the school and open fire. According to reports, the gunman was armed with an assault rifle and was wearing body armor.

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