Summertime here in Western New York means one thing: Roadwork

Road construction crews are all over Western New York, but one road closure caused massive chaos on Tuesday.

The exit ramp to the 190 northbound from the Skway was shut down for road work but crews left the left part of the exit open since that ramp was not being worked on and it takes commuters to Seneca Street.

Well...that ended up causing major chaos with drivers in Western New York. Many drivers weren't paying attention and ended up in dire straights.

Check out this video captured by traffic cameras on Tuesday. Drivers were stopping in the middle of the exit ramp, backing up, and cutting off other drivers. It was insane.

Photo Credit: Nittec
Photo Credit: Nittec

The ramp to the 190 Northbound and Seneca Street from the Skyway is expected to be closed for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

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For a list of all the roadwork expected to take place around Western New York this week, click HERE.


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