Harry Anderson had passed away of natural causes...


You may have remembered Harry from the hit TV show, Night Court. I bet you remember the song? He passed away from natural causes at the tender age of 65. His other credits included the sitcom "Dave's World" and the original 1990 miniseries version of "It".

He was found dead in his home in Asheville, North Carolina yesterday. Police do not suspect foul play and say that he died peacefully.

Before landing his role in Night Court, Harry was a street hustler and magician. He also made some appearances on "Cheers" 

He certainly made some lasting memories for all of us to remember him by. I absolutely loved his role in "Night Court." I remember watching that show when I was a teenager. Harry was so funny! I loved Bull  the bald guy too. It reminds me of my teenage years. The people of Buffalo could certainly relate to him and loved him for his witty jokes!



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