When we were kids, we didn't have to worry about permits for lemonade stands.  And now thanks to one company, kids these days won't have to either.

Remember how great it was when you were a kid to set up a lemonade stand at the side of the road?  You thought for sure you were going to make a TON of cash.  I mean…that money was going to buy your first car.  OR…you were going to get a ton of candy with it.

Well…over the years, they’ve been cracking down in some states and kids have been getting ticketed or fined for setting up a lemonade stand without a permit.

Country Time Lemonade has offered to help kids pay permit fees and fines on their lemonade stands this summer if the kids get busted . . . you can get up to $300 if The Man cracks down on your lemonade stand.

Who in the world ever would have thought we would have rogue lemonade stands??


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