Over 200 red bikes are ready to go for the Reddy Bikeshare....


Reddy Bikeshare is a fantastic alternative to commute to work if you live in the city of Buffalo. You can get an annual pass for $55.00 If you are an independent health member, you can save 20% off your annual pass. If you get the bike and don't want to drive it back to the Reddy Rack, you can park at any public bike rack within city limits for only $2.00. They will bring the bike back to a station for you. If you take it back to the reddy rack station, you will receive a $1.00 credit each and every time.

This is a great way to save the environment and to also get in shape. Who doesn't like a joyous bike ride around Buffalo?

Wanna ride?

Download the SoBi app on your Smartphone.

Unlock and reserve your bike

You get a 4 digit pin number to lock and unlock the bike whenever you need to

When you are done, lock the bike and check the keypad to ensure your time has ended.

It is that simple! Don't forget to wear a helmet! Ride safe Buffalo!



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