There is one reason that this weekend could be a big weekend for Hunters across New York.

It is is the weather.

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We are expecting a huge warmup this weekend with the temperatures getting into the 60s and 70s and that makes for good hunting weather.

Good weather means more hunters which means we could have a record amount of deer taken over the weekend or some lucky hunter will have a chance to take a record size deer.

The nicer weather will mean more deer will be out and about and if more hunters are out there are more chances for hunters to take a deer.

Of course, you want to make sure that you have all the proper tags and licenses before you head out to hunt. Also, make sure you are respecting landowners and that you are only hunting in places where you are welcome or are open to the public.

With more hunters out on the prowl this weekend because of the weather this would be the ideal time to also make sure you are being more alert and diligent when you are out hunting.

Besides a chance to take more deer, having more hunters out in the field means there is an increased chance for more accidents if you are not being extra careful when you are out and about.

So this weekend, go out and enjoy the nice weather, and good luck finding that record-breaking deer to take.

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