Do you have a New York State Pistol Permit? Did you have to recertify your permit in 2017 or 2018? At that time, did you get an email or a letter in the mail?

This time around you might not see that letter or an email, what do you need to do so your permit doesn't fade away.

So if you recertified your New York State Pistol Permit 5 years ago, do you have to do it again?

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In a nutshell, yes, you do. Because of the NY Safe ACT, according to the New York Pistol Recertification website, By going through this process every five years, redundant or out-of-date records can be eliminated and the accuracy of recordkeeping can be improved.

Will you get an email reminder to do this every 5-years, or something in the mail?

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Trust me, you can not count on this. How do I know? I started to think to myself, when did I recertify my permit? I double-checked. I recertified within days of getting the original letter in 2017. So, it was just about this time, 5 years ago, that I did go through the super quick recertification process.

How can you recertify? Or check to see when you need to recertify your New York State Pistol Permit?


If you are inside of the Boroughs of New York City, Suffolk, Nassau, or Westchester County, you can not use the following website, everyone else in the State can.

What do you need to recertify your NYS Pistol Permit?

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You will need your New York State Drivers License or Non-Driver ID, along with your birthday, and your permit. Need to double-check the status of your re-certification? Click here. 

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