The Erie County Sheriff's Office would have a warm welcome to shows such as LIVE PD or a show that is similar to the A&E hit. The production company behind some of those major shows reach out to Erie County and they are in the very initial stages of working something out.

The TV show would be able to showcase the officers in Erie County and the great job that they do. LIVE PD is actually live but on a  delay for confidentiality reasons.

According to WBEN:

We can show off the great deputies we have," [says Erie County Sheriff's spokesperson Scott] Zylka said. "It is an opportunity. The good thing is, most people don't have law enforcement interactions and we're happy with that, but they should see what our deputies do on an everyday basis, what they do for public safety, and what they do for protection. Putting their lives on the line for the citizens of Erie County."

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