If you have been lucky enough to travel to Paris, Notre Dame cathedral is a place you went. The building calls you!

If you haven't gone, let's think good thoughts, because his cathedral is a majestic masterpiece, worthy of any visit to Paris.

Like everything in Paris, Notre Dame is special for its history, construction began in 1121, also it's one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture, the fabulous rib vault, and the flying buttress.

Once you go inside you can feel the history, heightened by the lovely rose windows which allow the sun to shine in a pink hue.

How about the fact that Notre Dame is right in the Île de la Cité,  a small island in the Seine river. This is literally where Paris began.

There is of course the cultural references to the cathedral, in the great Victor Hugo's epic books, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."  There was also several film adaptations, my favorite is still the mid 30s version with Charles Laughton, and Maureen O'Hara. Here's a wee clip.

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