One school in Western New York is a trendsetter when it comes to using technology to help their student-athletes.

On Friday, the coach for Frontier High School's soccer team tweeted that the soccer team will be the first in the country to use technology to help their players when it comes to being recruited by colleges and professional teams.

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Instead of the traditional numbers on the back of the player's jerseys, each player will have a QR code that can be scanned by recruiters, fans, and family. The QR Code will lead people to the player's stats, high school grades, and social media pages.

The use of a QR code on a jersey has never been done before by any high school team in the United States. According to the press release, Coach Kozak from Frontier stated that the QR Code will help change the landscape for high school recruiting and give more players a chance to be seen by college recruiters.

The QR code will also be used to project the player's information on the new jumbotron screen at Frontier's home stadium. Frontier FC has teamed up with Buffalo-based Corner Kits for these new jerseys.

So next time you see a QR code on a jersey, just know the trend started right here in Western New York.

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