As we get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July there is one Buffalo business that is taking care of our military members in a very unique way.

Pulp 716 Coffee, Comics, and Bubble have two locations, one in North Tonawanda and one in Lockport, which is close to the Niagara Falls military base and gets lots of military members to come in to get their monthly comic subscription.

So what happens when those military members get orders to ship outside the 716? Most of the members come into the shop and cancel their subscriptions and plan on missing out on the latest issues of their favorite comic.

Well, that doesn't happen at Pulp 716. According to a Tweet that they posted on their Twitter page, they keep the subscription open for the service member and when they come back to Western New York, they get all the issues of their favorite comic for free.

That tweet opened up the flood gates of people who wanted to help and make donations to make sure more issues are ready for those military members who are deployed.  



After all the Tweets, the owners stated that they don't want donations but will continue to give back to those who serve.

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