April 11, 2018 kicks off our Psychic Wednesdays! What better way to start than with Mario Tonellato.

Starting the second Wednesday of every month join the Mix morning show with Dave & Melody to get your FREE on air psychic reading. Call in starting at 8 a.m. to 716-644-9696 with your burning question for Rev. Mario.


Rev. Mario is a ordained minister, Master Reiki healer and teacher, psychic medium, Rune reader and energy worker with over 25 years experience. Rev. Mario is a lifelong student of the esoteric and mystic arts as well as an educator and motivational speaker on topics such as consciousness, spirituality, “Finding Your Personal Energy”, “Psychic Self Defense”, “Dealing with Dark Energy”, to sold out engagements! Rev. Mario is not only considered a light-worker but a “Light-Warrior” for his work dealing with negative and dark haunting and spirit rescue both hands on and as a consultant. He was the co-founder and co-lead investigator for “Supernatural Brothers Paranormal”.

Rev. Mario has appeared on the internet paranormal show “Behind the Shadows” and multiple appearances on Para-X radio's “Stirring the Cauldron with Marla Brooks”.

Rev. Mario can be heard on his own show “Spirit of the Storm Radio Show” on Blogtalk Radio where he not only entertains but offers spiritual guidance and education while sharing his gift as a psychic medium to a worldwide audience. The show airs live Wednesday's 9:00 PM EDT at


Rev. Mario can be reached through his blogtalk radio page as well as Facebook “Spirit of the Storm Radio Show” page.

Rev. Mario also holds a B.A. in Education from  Niagara University and a Black Belt in Aikido from Nokokoru Aiki Kai.

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