The next time you hit a pothole and it causes damage to your car, New York State could pay for the damages!

According to our media partner WGRZ, there is currently a proposed bill in the New York State Congress that would allow drivers to get repair compensation from the state year round.

The current law allows drivers to see compensation for damages between May 2nd and November 14th. The State is not responsible for any damage inflicted between November 15th thru May 1st.

Sen. Tim Kennedy told WGRZ that he hopes the bill passes:

"If this bill doesn't pass, the legislation that has been on the books since 1936 will remain, unfortunately. It will be another missed opportunity to hold the state accountable for roads that are not maintained properly. And what I will tell you is we will carry on, and we will make sure that this is a priority at the next legislative session and hopefully the political winds will blow in the direction where we can promote bills that are important to all Western New Yorkers."

Another proposed bill will allow the creation of a pothole tracking website. People would be able to report potholes and then track the progress of repairs on that pothole.

There are only 5 days remaining in the current legislative session.

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