If you are looking for a quick road trip there is one town in New York that should be on your weekend getaway list .

Located in Central New York, this small town which is home to a major university was recently named the prettiest in the entire Empire State.

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According to the website, travellemming.com, Ithaca is the prettiest town in New York State.

I will admit, as a born and raised Western New Yorker, it is hard to argue with this call.

We had a chance to visit Ithaca last fall when my son Avry was looking at colleges. We drove along the Finger Lakes and it was during the time the leaves were changing colors and it was an amazing drive.

Not only is Ithaca surrounded by beauty, but the campus of Cornell is also there and that place is beautiful too. The architecture on the campus will make you want to stay and walk around for hours.

Of course, the "downtown" area of Ithaca is pretty as well. We stopped for lunch and found ourselves walking around enjoying all the local mom-and-pop stores.

If you like adventure, Ithaca is surrounded by great hiking trails and waterfalls.

Ithaca has both beauty in town and in nature.

So if you are looking for a place to spend a long weekend Itacha is the place to be...just be warned you might fall in love with the area and want to move out there permanently.

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