Do you play lotto on a regular basis? I am what you might say is a 'casual player.' Every once in a great while, I will play $5 (1 NY Lotto, 1 Powerball & 1 Mega Million ticket) and then hope for the best. 

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Of course when the jackpot gets huge, I might get a little 'crazy' and play $5 or $6 on one drawing. Yep, I know, throwing my money around Willie Nillie, right? Ok, so I am touch bit conservative, unlike the woman who I saw purchase a combination of $75 in Lottery scratch off tickets and $20 in draw tickets today while I was at Stewarts, right?

So everyone who does like to take advantage of the whole dollar and a dream, specifically with the Powerball, will have another opportunity to to so each week. Yep, you are getting a third drawing. Currently the Powerball drawings take place on Wednesday and Saturday (10:59 PM) but starting on August 23, 2021 (Monday) you will also be able to "get your Powerball on!"

A ticket for each draw costs you $2.00 and according to, there are actually 9 different ways you can win each drawing. The odds and what you win, will depend always on how many of your numbers match the Powerball's that were drawn that particular night.

While simply matching the number that came up on the Powerball for a drawing could get you $4.00, matching the 5 numbers and the actual Powerball is how you get to take home the jackpot.

So, what do you think you would do first if you win this or any other lottery jackpot? Good luck and remember gambling is not for everyone.

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