It looks like another major weather event could impact New York State Thanksgiving weekend.

Parts of the state saw historic snowfall over several days last weekend and now it looks like warmer weather and another storm front coming through could lead to massive flooding issues across the state.

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First, let's start with Western New York. Both Orchard Park and Hamburg received over 80 inches of snow over a three-day span and now there are snow piles that are over 10 feet tall along the side of some streets and buildings. Now with warmer weather this week and the snow starting to melt, a bout of heavy rain could end up flooding some of the lower-lying levels.

In upstate New York, Watertown was hammered with plenty of lake effect snow from Lake Ontario and now they are looking at warmer weather this week as well. Upstate won't get as warm as other parts of the state and another round of light snow is possible over Thanksgiving weekend.

If you are worried about possible flooding at your home. FEMA does have some tips to better protect yourself and your home.


You should know if your home is in a place prone to flooding. If you don't know, you can always check FEMA's website to see if your house is prone to flood.


If your home is in a flood zone, chances are you already have flood insurance. If you are worried about potential flooding you can always add flood insurance to your homeowners' policy. Of course, there is a cost to adding flood insurance to your policy.


Sump pumps are used in basements to help keep water from entering your home. Sump Pumps can become overworked during heavy periods of rain and could stop working if you lose power. This would be a good time to double-check your sump pump.

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