High temps in the 90’s this week make us all wanna cool down. 

We’ve heard of Air BnB, Vrbo, and other places you can rent a gorgeous vacation home this summer. But what if you and your friends and the fam just want to cool off and lounge by a pool for a day?

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Some of my favorite childhood memories were playing in the pool. We didn’t have one at our house, but our close friends the Mancinis did - and we basically lived there all summer long. Sometimes on steamy summer days, I wish I still lived close to the Mancini’s house so I could just give them a call asking to go for a quick dip.

Now, Western New Yorkers can get their pool fix anytime they want after discovering Swimply.

Swimply, similar to Air BnB and Vrbo, lets you rent a space for family and friends to hang out this summer - but what makes Swimply special is it’s strictly just for people who want to rent a pool for a few hours. It’s a pretty cool (literally) option for parties, family reunions, or just to get away and refresh with friends or the kids for a few hours. When browsing on Swimply, you can search by location and date available. Then, you can see pics of the pool, how many guests they allow, whether the pool is chlorinated or not, if the pool allows infants or pets, and if there’s an available restroom.

Swimply also sounds like a great option to check out if you have a pool and are looking to make some extra cash this summer!

There are lots of amazing pools available to rent by the hour around Western New York. Check ‘em out…

10 Private Pools You Can Rent In Western New York

Here are some local pools you can rent by the hour to keep your cool this summer.

Gallery Credit: Swimply/Canva



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