Halloween is next week and if you are looking to get into the mood by watching a scary movie, what about one based on a New York urban legend?

Did you know the Urban Legend of the infamous Pigman of Evans, New York?

According to the urban legend, in the small town of Evans, New York, Holland Road is called Pigman Road because a hog farmer and butcher killed several boys on the road outside his home.

Apparently, the legend says that "Pigman" was a very busy and quiet person and wanted to be left alone. In order to keep people off his property, he decided to put the heads of three pigs on stakes in front of his home. Well, one night the three boys wanted to explore the land around his house and kept bothering the man. The man would snap and end up killing all three boys.

The legend states that throughout the night "Pigman" captured each of the boys and decapitated them one by one and put the boys' heads on staked in place of pig heads. According to the urban legend "Pigman" left the area after the murders and no one knows what happened to him but his spirit still haunts the area and is looking for his next victims.

This Halloween you can watch a movie based on the Western New York urban legend. In 2020, a local filmmaker decided to make a movie based on the legend.

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Check out the trailer.

Would you be brave enough to travel down Holland Road on Halloween at night? Do you think the spirit of "Pigman" would come after you?

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