The NFL announced today that they are going to allow teams to use alternate color helmets again starting in 2022.  People are about to lose their minds.

Just picture it...the Buffalo Bills take the field in 2022 and they're wearing the helmets that are reminiscent of some of the best years in the team's history.  They are red with a  charging buffalo on the side.

People will go nuts to see it.

We are already excited anytime they wear throwback uniforms or helmets that have standing buffaloes on them.  Imagine seeing some of your favorite players of today wearing the same uniforms that some of the greatest Bills ever wore,  Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs wearing the same unis as Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, and Andre Reed.

The NFL made that a possibility today.  The league sent a memo to teams today to tell them that they could use two different helmets this year.  They could pair those helmets with different throwback uniforms, color rush uniforms, or alternate uniforms.  According to Pro Football Talk, the teams just have to "follow all league policies on ensuring that all alternate helmets are properly fitted, and that all players are provided with sufficient opportunity to wear the alternate helmets in practice prior to wearing them in a game."

A lot of people are for it.  I mean...

I'm not sure I'm totally on board for it yet.  I'm sure it will grow on me.  But for now, all I picture is, as much as I LOVED those teams...they let me down.  This feels like a new era.  I like having the separation between those teams and this one.  I don't want to re-live those years again. will be kind of cool to see at least once.


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