Holy Moly! Gas is just a penny away from being $3.00 per gallon. This is insane! Here are some ways to save on gas.


I am part of the delta sonic car wash club which means I save anywhere from 10-20 cents off per gallon but I do have to pay the monthly fee for my car wash. It is a great program and I highly suggest looking into it. If you aren't in this program and are still looking, here are a few ways to save:

1. Use an app like gas buddy or waze. It tells you who has the cheapest gas near you by typing in your zip code. Pretty neat stuff!

2. Buy gas at a wholesale club. This is fantastic because you can save an average of 20-30 cents off per gallon. The downfall of this is there is usually a long line. Some wholesale clubs in the area are BJ's, Costco, or Sam's club. If you get the BJ's mailers, they have memberships for as low as $25.00 per year which include the gas discount. Definitely something to look into.

3. Definitely check the pressure in your tires as it can effect fuel economy. Especially, with the change of temps, this is a must!

4. It can be so tempting to roll down your windows and cruise but this is awful for gas mileage. Use your air conditioner because it creates less drag on your engine.

Hopefully, if we all utilize these, we can save some cash on gas.

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