Parent Trend #4 on Pinterest's 'Parent Trend List 2017' is Story Starters.  This is where you start a story, and then your child continues the story, and you go back and forth until the story is over.  It is an easy and fun way to do story time with your child.


I did this last night with my son Gianni and we had a blast.  We made up several stories on the spot and it was interesting to see how his mind works and where he would take the story.  The video below is the story we did on Star Wars.  My son is obsessed (and so am I) so it made for a fun starter.

I had to condense the story a little so that the video wasn't so long, but it did leave you on the edge of your seat!  Finally the life of a Storm Trooper and what they have to go through is told.  Who knew they had iPhones and could snapchat with their friends??


That was the fun with the story, we could just play off of each other and make it up.  My son is visibly excited when I mentioned Storm Troopers so we decided to show that one.  We did do a story about being chased by a creature in the woods, and about being on a space ship.  Those 2 were equally as good, and Columbia Pictures is looking to buy the rights.


This is a Parent Trend that you can get behind.  It costs nothing, you get quality time with your kids, and it's all imagination.  No TV and video games, just your minds...and laughter...lots of laughter!

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