A simple pleasure is best described as something you don't NEED, that makes you happy. Some of which don't cost anything, they just require free time.  And hopefully 96.1 The Breeze helps you out with the first one . . .

Here are our favorite simple pleasures.

1.  Listening to your favorite music. Almost 6 in 10 of us identify with this.

2.  Cooking your favorite meal.

3.  Enjoying ice cream.

4.  Buying new clothes.

5.  Holding hands with someone you love.

6.  Going to the movies.

7.  Watching a sunrise or sunset.

8.  Sleeping in with no alarm.

9.  Having a comfortable bed.

10.  Taking a long, hot shower.

A couple of my favorites are spending time with my kids/grand kids, Thanksgiving Dinner with my family and the smell of apples and cinnamon


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