After Josh Allen's grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, Bills Mafia stepped up big time and made donations to a Buffalo hospital in $17 increments to honor her. Now Buffalo companies are doing the same with $17,000 donations.

It's a story that made national headlines.  A community coming together to support and honor someone by making donations to a worthy cause. That cause is Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo, a cause that Allen has been the spokesperson for since he came to Buffalo a few years ago.

At first, the donations were in the tens of thousands and people started to realize that this was becoming a bit of a movement.  Before you knew it, it was in the hundreds of thousands.  When it got close to $500,000, Allen kicked in $17,000 himself just to even it out there.

But the donations didn't stop coming in.  At last check, the total for the Patricia Allen fund had gone over $700,000, and it's still growing.  Now, businesses in the Buffalo area are jumping in to help add to that total too.

For many years now, The OSC Charitable Foundation has made incredible donations to benefit The Oishei Children's Hospital with their Equipment Expo and charitable raffle.

"Since 2014, The OSC Charitable Foundation has positively impacted thousands of lives at Oishei Children’s Hospital. The Foundation has provided the hospital over $200,000 in support, helping our medical experts deliver specialized and compassionate care to children, moms and babies from across the region. We are truly grateful for our partnership and look forward to many successful initiatives together in the future.” – Andrew Bennett, Vice President, The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation

This year, they're looking forward to doing it again but in the meantime wanted to help support this incredible fund with a donation of their own.  They've made a donation of $17,000 to help it grow and to support the staff at the hospital with their incredible work.

OSC Manufacturing and Equipment Services provide equipment for construction jobs big and small.  Got a part that you can't find anywhere?  They can manufacture them for you right here in Buffalo.  Give them a call at (716) 800-3333.

If you'd like to learn more about the OSC Charitable Foundation, click here.



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