OMG. Cookies? Oreo's? New flavors? Where do I get them?



Oreo cookies are so amazing! I love dunking mine in milk and of course I eat the middle first! I love taking them apart without breaking them and eating that yummy center. I also am in LOVE with the lemon Oreo Cookies, OMG, they were amazing! So, Oreo announced their new flavors that they are releasing this year and they aren't anything short of AMAZING!

If you are anything like me, you love cookies! Especially Oreo's!!!!!! They even have Oreo cookie ice cream! So amazing!

The new flavors this year?

Well, they are Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake, (This sounds yummy!) chocolate peanut butter pie, rockyroad, pistachio, peppermint bark, AND the big one (as if these were not good enough) birthday cake with Mickey Mouse on the cookies, in honor of Mickey's 90th birthday. WOW! Mickey is 90 years old this year? That is a crazy thought! I remember watching the Mickey Mouse club when I was in elementary school and doing my Mouse-er-sizes every morning before school. Unreal!

What cookie are you crazy about? What cookie are you aching to try?

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