Many local Independence Day celebrations will look different this year due to the pandemic.

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The Town and Village of Orchard Park is adapting in a rather unique way... by expanding their traditional Fourth of July parade route to “bring the parade to you” according to our partners at WIVB-TV.

The town and village will travel throughout neighborhoods on July 4. Residents are asked to follow social distancing guidelines while celebrating.

There will be three parade routes, starting at different times of the day from different locations.

For those of you unfamiliar with Orchard Park, the Town and Village are very scenic, and is one of WNY best-kept secrets.

Here is a virtual tour...

Here’s one parade route list:

ROUTE 1 – STARTS AT 11 a.m.
Start at OP Municipal Building Parking Lot
S. Buffalo St to School St.
Right on School St to S. Lincoln Ave.
Left on S. Lincoln Ave. to Thorn Ave.
Right on Thorn Ave. to Bank St.
Left on Bank St. to N. Lake to S. Buffalo
Right on S. Buffalo St. to Elmhurst St.
Right on Elmhurst St. to Green Lake
Right on Green Lake to Carey
Left on Carey to Rolling Hill
Left on Rolling Hills to Armor Duells
Left on Armor Duells to S. Buffalo
Right on S. Buffalo to New Armor Duells
Right on New Armor Duells to Bussendorfer
Right on Bussendorfer to Abbott
Left on Abbott to Armor Duells
Left on Armor Duells to Windgate
Right on Windgate to Bittersweet
Right on Bittersweet to Peppermill
Right on Peppermill to Old Orchard
Right on Old Orchard to Old Orchard
Right on Old Orchard to Sleepy Hollow
Right on Sleepy Hollow to Candy Lane
Right on Candy Lane to Powers Rd
Right on Powers to Murphy Rd
Left on Murphy Rd to Golden Oak
Right on Golden Oak to Riley Meadows
Left on Riley Meadows to Murphy Rd
Right on Murphy Rd to New Armor Duells
Right on New Armor Duells to Chestnut Ridge
Right on Chestnut Ridge to Breezwood
Right on Breezwood to Basswood
Left on Basswood to Arrowood
Right on Arrowood to Ashwood
Right on Ashwood to Powers
Left on Powers to Scherff
Right on Scherff to Grandview Trail
Right on Grand View Trail, Stay on Grand View Trail
Grand View Trail to Woodstream
Right on Woodstream to Grand View Trail to Scherff
Left on Scherff to Bruce
Right on Bruce to Wildwood
Right on Wildwood to Cole
Left on Cole to Ellicott
Left on Ellicott to Hillcrest Fire Co. Parking Lot for Lunch and Bathroom Break

Routes 2 and 3 and their approximate times can be found here.


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