Many Western New York gym owners, including some in Niagara County, are concerned about the details of reopening according to WIVB-TV.

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Governor Cuomo has given gyms in the state the ok to reopen this week at "33 percent capacity and masks must be worn". But Tara Scaringi, owner of Be Moved Fitness on Niagara Falls Boulevard expressed concerns.

“I expected them to say masks but for someone to wear a mask while working out, I’m also a physician’s assistant, so for someone to wear a mask while working out, especially spin class, hit class, a 94-degree power yoga class sweating into a mask that becomes a petri dish anyway, that’s just not realistic .”

Niagara County lawmakers following the Governor's guidelines say gyms can open Monday (8/24) as long as they have a safety plan, meet the Governor's guidelines, and are inspected.

Gym owners are also expressing concern over special filters they are now required to have.

“When I called our heating and cooling company that we use they said they don’t even carry these filters because they’re so dense, it makes the furnace work harder which could actually cause more costs because if it damages the furnace we’re in trouble, “Scaringi said.

Owners are required to schedule an inspection with the department of health.

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