This is awesome! I wish we could do this in Depew because if one more person breaks into my car I swear I will spend thousands and get those high-tech cameras.

I can't stand people like that and I don't feel bad for this guy one bit and the Buffalo Police say this is actually a big problem in the area.

This guy was stealing packages off of people's front porch.

So, a few people that live in the area caught the guy on the camera, allegedly and printed it out and shamed him by putting it all over the place.

How embarrassing. Imagine if his mother saw that lol

According to WIVB:

"At the end of the day, what you have as a picture might just be a very small piece of the totality of the story. We've seen where this could have been a situation where a neighbor's kid was going to pick the package up because he knew his neighbor was out of town. That's why we say to residents never take these matters into your own hands. Call the police and let us figure it out", according to Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo.

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