Olean woman sues Canada Dry and you won't even believe why!



Julie Fletcher who resides in Olean, NY is suing Canada Dry Ginger Ale. If you notice on the packaging, it states that it contains ginger. After further investigation, it DOES NOT contain ginger.

Julie was really upset because she has always used Canada Dry Ginger Ale for an upset stomach. Her lawyer, Michael J. DeBenedictis that she hired for this lawsuit said,

"Ms. Fletcher believed this meant that Canada Dry was made using ginger root and was, as a result, a healthier alternative to regular sodas."


She did this for herself, husband and kids. It is considered false advertising if this is true.

Julie is not the only person suing Canada Dry, there are several pending law suits in Massachusetts and California.

What is actually in Canada Dry Ginger Ale? Carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup. That is misleading to the consumer.

Now, we can't even trust advertising labels on soft drinks.

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