Are you some sort of a history nut, maybe feel like going back in time?  How about playing a role in a reenactment of the war of 1812?

Grungy Betsy Ross Flag With Thirteen Stars and Stripes

If this sounds interesting then, WIVB has news for you.  Old Fort Niagara is gearing up for a huge Revolutionary War replaying in a couple of weeks.   

The staff there is always looking for volunteers to join the ranks as interpreters.  You can do almost anything. We take all walks of life and all interests, really. It kind of rounds out our interpretive space here,” said Glen Gugino, the assistant interpretive manager for Old Fort Niagara


Old Fort Niagara is the site that saw action in the French and Indian War, the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.  Says Old Fort Niagara Executive Director Robert Emerson,

"there are lots of roles beyond the front lines, too. Volunteers can portray everyone from laundresses to blacksmiths, who would have made day-to-day life possible for the troops stationed there...It just gives people a completely different perspective on life as it was 250, 300 years ago,”

I am thinking of doing this, want to join me?   Volunteer information is here.


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