It looks like Old Man Winter is still trying to keep his grip on the weather across New York over the next couple of weeks.

While we roll into Spring, it looks like we are not quite getting ready for the warmup most of us want.

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According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, April is expected to be colder than normal this year.

Their extended forecast is calling for rain and cooler temperatures across the state.

Apr 1-7Scattered showers, mild
Apr 8-10Sunny, chilly
Apr 11-14Rain and snow, cold
Apr 15-18Sunny east, rain west; cold
Apr 19-26Sunny; warm, then turning cold
Apr 27-30Scattered showers, chilly
Apriltemperature 46° (3° below avg.)
precipitation 4" (avg.)

On average the daily temperature will be around 46 degrees which is around 3 degrees cooler than average for the month of April.

The good news is that while we will have a normal amount of precipitation for the month of April, the weather won't be so cold and snow is expected. As you can see, we might get some snow during the second week of April, but for the most part, it will rain impacting the region.

That means we should see plenty of flowers in May if you believe the old adage "April Showers Bring May Flowers".

It has been a crazy weather year so far so being just a couple of degrees below normal is perfect for me. As long as we don't see major swings in the temperatures as we did in February and March things should be alright.

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