It looks like we will have a green Christmas for parts of New York this year, but will the above-average warm weather stay with us in 2024?

Looking ahead to January, The Old Farmer's Almanac is calling for some unique weather across the Empire State.

Starting in Western New York, it looks like January will be colder than normal, and a little bit wetter. That means some more snow and some very cold days getting to and from work and school.

Jan 1-12Periods of snow, heavy west; cold
Jan 13-17Rain and snow east, heavy snow west; chilly
Jan 18-27Snowy periods, cold
Jan 28-31Lake snows east, sunny west; frigid
Januarytemperature 24.5° (2° below avg. east, 5° below west)
precipitation 3.5" (0.5" above avg.)

In Central New York, things will be colder and wetter as well. It looks like we will have snow throughout the month of January with a possible snowstorm towards the end of the month.

Jan 1-13Snowy north, rainy south; cold
Jan 14-21Periods of snow, cold
Jan 22-29Flurries north, sunny south; cold
Jan 30-31Snowstorm, cold
Januarytemperature 28° (3° below avg.)
precipitation 5" (1.5" above avg.)
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In the Eastern part of New York, there is some good news. The Old Farmer's Almanac is calling for a bit warmer January than normal. There will be a lot more rain and snow, with a possible snowstorm to kick off the month. Overall while it will be warmer, there will be more precipitation in January.

Jan 1-14Snowstorms, very cold
Jan 15-25Snowy north, rain and snow south; mild
Jan 26-31Flurries north, sunny south; chilly
Januarytemperature 26° (3° above avg. north, 1° below south)
precipitation 5.5" (1" above avg. north, 3" above south)

So it looks like our warmer and drier winter will come to an end as we kick off 2024.

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