Is Odell Beckham coming to play with the Buffalo Bills? Was Odell Beckham Jr. spotted today at the Buffalo Airport?

There have been rumblings for weeks about Odell Beckham Jr. possibly signing with the Buffalo Bills. Actually, make that months. Odell Beckham Jr. still has not signed with a new team after winning the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams last year.

Now, he is really good friends with Von Miller and often on Von's podcast he will talk about OBJ and potentially coming to Buffalo, even saying that Odell IS coming to play with the Bills. Over the past couple of months Beckham has met with some teams.

Apparently this tweet though was inaccurate and he is NOT in town to meet with Buffalo. When the tweet was sent out though, it was met with a lot of Buffalonians criticizing OBJ...and well, he wasn't happy when he saw what people had to say.

Rest assured. OBJ is not coming to Buffalo and the Bills have set their faith in Diggs, Davis and Co.

'I’m told the Bills don’t have an iron in the OBJ fire. Most of the OBJ-to-Buffalo smoke has been manufactured to this point', according to Tim Graham. 


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