Another FIRST for Western New York...A new report from Forbes says Niagara Falls is the most ‘Instagrammed’ waterfall in the world.

Citing data from Showers To You, Niagara Falls was determined to be number one because of the amount of times it appeared in hashtags on a particular day.


The chosen day was September 10 of this year — a Tuesday. It’s not clear why that was the one they picked, but on that day, Niagara Falls (both the Canadian and American sides) was ‘hashtagged’ more than 3 million times on Instagram.

Who were number two and number three? Iguazu Falls in Argentina was ‘hashtagged’ more than 343,000 times, and number three Multnomah Falls with more than 261,000 hashtags.

No surprise to those of us who have either grown up here, or spent most of our lives here.

Find the top ten here.


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