Google is something that most people use every single day.

From looking for local news to how to fix that broken light, people search Google for almost anything. But some of the most searched items might leave you scratching your head.

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Looking back at 2022, the most search keywords will leave you wondering, what is wrong with people.

The number one most searched keyword in 2022 was YouTube. Yes, the home of millions of videos was the most searched keyword in 2022 which is surprising since you can literally just type in and the website comes up! Why are people going to and typing in youtube just to bring up the website that they would get if they just typed in in their browser?

The number two most searched keyword in 2022 was Facebook. Again why are people searching for a website that is easy to access if you just add dot com to the end of it in your browser? Are people really that lazy that they can't add the dot com to the end of Facebook when they log onto the internet?

This reminds me of a comedy bit called "If Google were a Guy".

The third most searched keyword is one that makes complete sense. It was translate. Finding a website to translate a word or email from one language to another is very important especially as more and more people are working with others from around the world.

Round out the Top 5 most search keywords including the adult site p*rnhub and weather, which complete sense since the weather always changes and people like up to the date weather forecasts.

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