If the thought of April 15th drives you nuts, there is help on the way.

Many New Yorkers dread the Tax deadline each and every year. now the IRS is working on creating a solution that will help frustrated New Yorkers.

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The tax collecting arm of the United States government has announced they are currently working on a new website that would make filing your annual tax returns much easier.

The IRS announced they are currently outlining plans to create a new free online filing system for taxpayers across the country.

A new report from Congress says the IRS is capable of creating a website to allow for free online tax filing but would need a monetary investment from the government to make it happen.

The IRS issued a special report to Congress this past Tuesday on how a direct e-file system would work. The report stated that 67% of taxpayers surveyed by the IRs would be likely to use a free e-direct tax payment system and 72% of taxpayers are very interested in a simple being implemented.

The cost of launching and maintaining the site is around $248.9 million dollars with a majority of that money being used annually for customer support and service. Overall the average cost for the IRS to create and run the free system would be around $8 per return.

The IRS is hoping to launch the new website and direct the e-file program in 2024.

You can read the whole report the IRS sent to Congress HERE.

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