Someone in Western New York is very happy.

The New York State Lottery announced that a winning Take 5 Lottery ticket was sold in the 716 for the May 5th midday drawing.

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The ticket matched all the winning numbers and is worth over $21,000 dollars.

The winning numbers for the drawing were 5-33-35-37-30

The Take 5 game is played twice every weekday with drawing held at 2:30 pm and 10:30 pm.

You can see all the winning numbers for all of the New York State Lottery games HERE.

So far this month, there have been four "Big Money" winning lottery tickets sold in New York State. Each of those winning tickets won at least $1 million dollars.

The biggest jackpot won so far this year in New York was a record-breaking jackpot. The winning ticket was sold in Ozone Park, Queens

It is worth a New York record $476 million. The New York cash value of the jackpot after taxes is $156.7 million.

The winning numbers for the April 14 drawing are 23-27-41-48-51 and the Mega Ball is 22.

The next chance to pick up a massive jackpot is tonight with the Powerball. The current jackpot is around $97 million dollars with a lump sum take-home cash amount of just over $50 million dollars.

New York Lottery Announces 7 "Big Money" Winners

According to the New York Lottery, there are seven New Yorkers who won $1 million dollars or more playing the lottery.

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

January New York Lottery Scratch Off Tickets With The Most Number One Jackpots Remaining

Here in New York, the time is now to start searching for some amazing jackpots. There are all sorts of different kinds of Scratch-Off tickets offered by the New York Lottery.

While looking at the latest weekly roundup for grand prizes, we counted 59 different tickets that have their grand prizes still on the market. The report was last updated on December 7th 2023, as we publish this article. 

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New York Lottery Dollar Games With Thousands Of Dollars Prizes- April 2023

It's almost the end of April across New York State and are you ready for spring with some extra cash? Are you ready to thousands on these scratch off games that you only paid a buck on?

The New York Lottery scratch off tickets range in prices from $1 - $30 per game and have varying odds with big jackpot prizes. The New York lottery tracks which jackpots are still sitting at stores waiting to be bought. They actually keep a very active list every week. Online you can track tickets that still have first and second prizes left remaining.

The report was last updated on April 6th 2023, as we publish this article. That means there might be even less of these winning tickets on the market. We'll go through a list of the tickets below.

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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