If you are a parent of a teen that unfortunately vape, there is more scary news about the behavior from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Vaping "smoking" E-Cigarette.

Reports Channel 2 that the CDC is urging people to stop immediately

 Across the country, and right here in New York State, investigations are being launched into what is  making hundreds of people very sick.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his health commissioner announced plans yesterday,

 which will include subpoenas to companies that market and sale vaping thickening agents. Investigators want to figure out exactly what is in the vaping products that's causing lung illnesses.  It's believed Vitamin E acetate would be part of the problem.  

The State Health Department is busy working out new regulations,

 which will require shops that sell vaping products post warnings letting people know the possible dangers. The governor is also working on proposed legislation to ban any flavored forms of e-cigarettes, which advocates say are aimed at kids.


"There have been 13 confirmed cases of pulmonary illness related to vaping in Western New York, and the Erie County Health Commissioner says that number may continue to rise."


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