New York State has $17 billion in unclaimed or "lost" funds. So far, the state has returned $117,215,318 to residents in 2022. Each day, the state returns $1.5 million in lost funds. There are 44 million account records
that remain unclaimed. Most people won't get rich from lost funds, as 70% of claims provide less than $100. But hey, if the money belongs to you it should in your bank account, Not New York State's bank account. There is no fee to file a claim and collect any money owed to you. From April 2020 to March 2021, the state paid $400 million in claims. One New Yorker reclaimed $5.2 million in lost money from stocks. The biggest amount is $8 million from an estate and it is still unclaimed!

Interest is paid for five years on interest bearing accounts —currently it’s 1%

The majority of lost money in New York from April 2020 to March 2021 came from banks. Here's a breakdown of where the funds came from during that period:

Utilities - 1%
Dealers/Brokers - 2%
Court Funds - 5%
Other - 14%
Corporations - 19%
Insurance Companies - 22%
Banks - 37%

If you find one or more accounts in your name - congratulations! You may be able to claim it online which means that you could receive a check within a few weeks. Some accounts, however, must be claimed by mail rather than online. That's because we need documentation from you proving that you're the rightful owner of the funds.

Here's how to find out if New York has your lost money:

Claim Your Share Of Lost Money In New York State

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