New York State is trying to pass this law ASAP to allow undocumented immigrants to get their drivers licence. This is not to get political whatsoever, but that is nuts--my buddy can't even get his green card to move to Germany where is family already is. (Yet in New York people are here, undocumented and can get a licence.)

Though, it is what it is.

This is not a new fight either, this has been going on for years, but the legislative session ends in the beginning of Summer, so they have to make a decision in Albany before June! Of course, the motive behind the highly democratic New York, is money for the nearly 260,000 people that it would help:

If passed, the Driver License Access and Privacy Act would allow immigrants in the country illegally to get driver's licenses using a passport that was issued in another country as identification.

In instances when individuals are required to give a Social Security number, the law would then allow for them to sign an affidavit saying that they had not received one, but it would not prevent them from getting a license.

Advocates said the law would give immigrants an important right and avoid them driving illegally.

If passed, registration fees, sales taxes and gas taxes would add an estimated $57 million in annual state and county revenues, according to the New York Immigration Coalition, an advocacy group", according to WGRZ.

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