It is not often that something catches your eye and makes you stop in your tracks and think, how can this be?

I might have seen the world's smallest stop sign while shopping in Fredonia. My wife Elizabeth, son Avry and I stopped by the Ollie's in Frediona on Saturday and we were driving thru the plaza, we noticed a stop sign near a crosswalk. This stop sign was not like any stop sign I have seen before.

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Sure it was red and in an octagon shape but the size was off, off by a lot. It was super small. Not just small, but like barbie sized small. I am not sure if the workers at the plaza didn't have the right sign to replace a broken one and just grabbed what they could, or maybe they wanted to set a world record for the world's smallest stop sign, but it did grab your attention.

I snapped a photo of the stop sign and you can see for yourself how small it is compared to a normal-sized stop sign.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM2022
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM2022

It almost looks like one of those shrunken head toys from back in the day. A normal body, in this case, a pole, and a super small head, aka stop sign.

Of course, the good news is that the sign is still very visible and traffic does stop to let people cross into the store in the plaza.

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