Did you know that if you park like this in your own driveway, you could get a ticket or be fined in New York State?

It's true, there is a law on the books in New York that prevents you from parking and blocking the sidewalk, even if that sidewalk crosses right through your driveway.

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I have seen this so many times. There are two or three cars in a driveway and it is one too many so one car is parked in the driveway but it is right over the sidewalk.

It makes walking an issue as walkers have to go around the vehicle and walk onto the grass or into the street.

According to the law in New York State, if you block the sidewalk, even if you are in your own driveway, you can get a ticket. It is illegal to park on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk.

If you do, you could be fined at least $115 dollars. If you don't pay the fine you could get even more charges and the amount of the fine could end up in hundreds of dollars.

Again the main goal of the law is to protect people who are walking or riding a bike on the sidewalk.

Managing the sidewalk in front of your house is your responsibility. From making sure nothing is blocking it to clearing off snow and ice the homeowner needs to make sure that is done.

If not, some big-time fines could be coming your way.

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