How many times have you gone to the store shopping and when you go to checkout there is a long line?

You are waiting and waiting and when you finally get close to the checkout, you put down the divider on the conveyor belt and separate your stuff from the people in front and behind you.

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Did you know that you are doing this very simple task wrong? At least according to this Facebook post, when placing the divider down you should be using it the long way to create some distance between your items and the other person. You should just use it to make a spilt between the items.

To be honest, I have never ever thought about putting the divider the long way. It never crossed my mind, but looking at the pictures above, it makes complete sense. The divider creates space so the conveyer belt just doesn't keep running and starts putting your items with the person ahead of you.

If you now use the divider the correct way, or does it still seem silly to use it the long way?

I will admit I never really had a problem with my items getting confused with someone else's and now most stores have self-checkouts so I don't even use a conveyer belt that much anymore.

But if you are a perfectionist, make sure you are using the divider at the store the long way, the correct way.

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