As the weather starts to get warmer and warmer over the next several months, more people are going to want to get out and about.

That means more and more vehicles on the road, and if you spent any time driving around New York, you know there are good drivers and a lot of bad drivers.

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We wanted to know which traffic laws were broken the most in New York State. According to the website, there are the 5 most common traffic violations that happen on the roads in New York State.

1. Speeding - This is a no-brainer. How many times have you been driving and someone flies past you going well over the speed limit? It doesn't matter if you are on a highway or a crowded side street, you will see at least one person speeding down the street.


2. Driving Under The Influence - Now that marijuana is now legal in New York, and along with alcohol,  more and more tickets are being written for driving under the influence. Police are stepping up their checkpoints as well to keep the roads safer.

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3. Reckless Driving - From sudden breaking to not using your turn signal when changing lanes, to tailgating. Every day you see people who are driving recklessly along the streets and highways of New York.

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4. Distracted Driving - How many times have you looked at the idiot next to you who almost cut you off and they are either talking on their cell phone, having their dog in their lap, or eating that burger with both hands? That is what we called distracted driving. The worst is the person texting and driving.

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5. Running A Red Light - Tons of people are trying to make that light as it changes from yellow to red and there is always that one idiot who goes through that light that has been red for a couple of seconds. This is a major cause of accidents at intersections all over the state.

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Please when you get behind the wheel, be smart, be safe, and more importantly, stay behind at least two car lengths.

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