It is very hard to be a politician. You always have to be on and be very careful about what you say because you don't want to turn one side against you.

Well, it looks like Kathy Hochul was pandering to the large New York City crowd over the weekend. She issued a statement on Twitter that most of know is false. She should have known it was false too since she is from Western New York.

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See if you can see where Governor Hochul went wrong in her Tweet,

Everything the Bills make is taxed and put back into the coffers of New York State.

I get that there are a lot of fans of the Giants and Jets in New York and this weekend was a good weekend for them, but it was a good weekend for New York football because the only NFL team in the state of New York, The Buffalo Bills, won.

Please Governor, quit the pandering and let us know that you know that the only NFL team that plays their home games in New York State, does it right next to where you grew up, Orchard Park, New York.

Even a man from California knows that!

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