When we think of earthquakes, we normally think of California. But New York has had its fair share of quakes too. Between 1737 and 2016 there were 550 earthquakes across the state. The most significant earthquakes that damaged homes and businesses are listed below.

4. On April 20, 1931, 4.7 magnitude earthquake centered near Lake George damaged some homes.

3. On April 20, 2002, northern New York experienced a significant earthquake, which caused damage to homes and infrastructure in the area,

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake on April 20, 2002 caused damaged chimneys, slumps of road embankments, and other minor damage in the Au Sable Forks area.

2. (3-Way Tie) On December 18, 1737, New York City had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake, which damaged some homes. Not much is known about this quake's epicenter.

2. (3-Way Tie) On August 10, 1884, New York City experienced another 5.2 magnitude earthquake. It caused damages to homes and businesses, including broken windows and damaged chimneys.

The shaking from this earthquake was felt as far west as Toledo, Ohio and as far east as Penobscot Bay, Maine. It was also reported felt by some in Baltimore, Maryland. The local magnitude of this earthquake has been set at 5.2.

2. (3-Way Tie) On August 12, 1929, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2, happened near Attica. It caused damage to homes and businesses,

In Attica many chimneys were thrown down, brick walls were cracked, and the aisles of stores were littered with goods thrown from the shelves. This earthquake was felt as far east as central New Hampshire and as far west as Cleveland, Ohio.

1. On September 5, 1944, New York experienced a 5.9 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter around the New York and Canadian border. Massena, New York, and Cornwall, Ontario suffered the most damage from this quake,

In Massena a school gymnasium suffered major damage, 90% of the chimneys were destroyed or damaged, and house foundations were cracked, windows were broken, and plumbing was damaged. Similar kinds of damage were reported at Cornwall, Ontario. This earthquake was felt from eastern Maine to central Michigan and to Maryland.

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